China Glaze - Skyscraper

Price: £6.95 (from Amazon)
Avaliability: Various online stores and most beauty supply shops.
Packaging: 14ml which is a good amount for your money and a thick handle which is helpful and gives good grip and control.
Product: Skyscraper is a dark blue polish with an abundance of tiny pieces of silver glitter, different from many glitter polishes which have large bits of glitter and can sometimes appear clumpy. I had to use two layers to get full coverage, but once applied the glitter didn't seem too over-the-top, yet was definitely noticeable. China Glaze polishes tend to last for around 5 days with no chipping, and Skyscraper didn't disappoint.
Rating: Overall a solid 9/10. I think the colour, staying power and application are all fantastic. My only complaint would be that you have to apply two layers or possibly three to get full coverage, although it would be possible to wear only one layer if you preferred to have a slightly lighter coating.